little cornish trees

little cornish trees

Inspired by our surroundings

The real dealPosted by marcus watts Tue, December 06, 2011 21:56:08

Now and again I like to make a bonsai that isnt the normal tree in a pot - there is a never ending amount of inspiration to take from our surroundings, views, landscapes and even cityscapes.

There is a themed meeting next year at the Cornwall Bonsai Society with the topic of Cornish landscapes and trees, so I wanted to actually create a detailed little slice of the county, rahter than just an elm, blackthorn or hawthorn planted on a slate. Many of the traditional farms and boundaries are still slate dry stone walls - a twin skinned wall filled with soil. Over the years these walls get capped with various trees, shrubs and plants so you end up with a true mixed planting, offering seasonal texture and colour throughout the year.

Here is my bonsai cornish wall

The pot was made by Alexander Kennedy - Splatt Pottery, up on the Cornish Moors so it seemed the right pot for the planting.

The trees are a cotoneaster horizontalis cutting, some elm cuttings, a blackthorn root cutting, some cell grown box cuttings and a garden center flowering cherry. The wall was just a load of slate bits stuck together in layers.

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