little cornish trees

little cornish trees

3 trunks are better than one

Pine treesPosted by marcus watts Sat, November 26, 2011 16:58:47

This was a strange bit of material that caught my eye on my last willowbog visit - it was a triple trunk scotts pine that Peter bought back from a recent trip to Ireland. The trunks were the reason I liked it - a perfect low split into 3 trunks of different thicknesses.

The bark is showing a little age now but the foliage was very sparse and leggy.

Luckily I seem to get plenty of buds all over the scotties I've had in the past just by treating them like japanese black pines - following the black pine pruning methods to the letter.

I wanted a tall elegant image, vaguely suggesting a literati, but with the three trunks supporting the one crown.

version 1 had a very long dropping branch left on, better to leave it at the start, observe the tree and then decide whether to keep it. Version 2 has the long branch reduced and this is the tree today. Version 3 will appear tomorrow, as looking at this picture i know the final design

Now the tree is getting lighter but the fat trunk doesn't fit with the others - - I looked for ideas on the ibc forum and had a few suggestions to make the tree a twin trunk, and one sketch showing a lovely twin trunked literati. I used the sketch as the plan for the foliage, but stuck to the 3 trunks as that was why i bought the material in the first place. borrowing a trunk splitter I set to work on the fat trunk trimming it down, hollowing it and running a wire up the inside - now the tree is just right

And the sketch from 'cram' that helped take the tree in this direction

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