little cornish trees

little cornish trees

A year in the life

leaves and buds - deciduousPosted by marcus watts Sat, November 26, 2011 16:19:39

Here is a tree that I had been looking for for several years - a good red leaved maple.

As is the way, when you least expect it the right tree suddenly jumps out of the blue. I had made one of my trips up north to Willowbog bonsai nursery expecting to find a nice larch or scotts pine when the 2nd tree I spot was a stunning, vivid deshojo type red acer ! So taken by the unexpected find I decided to pop back the next morning with my piggy bank and the tree was soon settled in the boot of the car.

I wanted to repot it as the beautiful but small japanese pot was drying out back in Cornwall very quickly so I took the tree to the local japanese garden, where there happen to be quite a few nice pots. The garden has a huge collection of acers and the owner was stunned by the tree and was adamant it was acer palmatum beni maiko rather than deshojo due to the leaf lobes and the vivid colour, with the bright red / pink followed by a bright green rather than the duller purple / green blotchy pattern of deshojo.

The tree was summer repotted into a 28" unglazed oval pot - a lovely pot with perfect lines - made for a japanese supplier in china. Now the tree has a better reservoir of water, more humidity under the branches and a more stable appearance.

As the summer has passed the tree has increased inner twig density a lot, and these pictures show the last 5 months development

Last week the tree started showing Autumn colour

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