little cornish trees

little cornish trees

playing about

Clubs, Shows and displayPosted by marcus watts Sat, January 14, 2012 23:01:40

Last night i downloaded a free trial of photoshop cs 5.5 and wow, what a powerful tool - it is certainly the best editing software i've ever tried. as it was a 30 day trial i decided to try a few virtual compositions on some of my trees to see how they would look with more or less foliage, branches etc etc. This is a perfect way to try various designs from the warmth of my chair on these cold nights before chopping off really important bits of the tree.

First one is a basic material Japanese white pine, mostly unstyled and ready for a lot of wire, and quite a few hours. I've actually put this tree up on the club for sale page at £445 but desided to do a quick photoshop virt to see where it went.

As it is right now:

With a 25 degree tilt, 3 branches off, pads leveled and a new pot - i'm thinking this tree should be got of the for sale page quickly!

Next tree is a chinese elm i've had for 19 years. As it was 18 years ago

This year:

And what i was planning for the tree:

Then i tried an experiment with a lot more foliage on the needle juniper -but this needs a bit more work to get right - i like the left hand side though, just need to get the right side sorted.

tree in sept

virtuall styling

Here is the Red Maple as it is, and with the outline i'm planning to grow the tree to

I thoroughly recomend this for a play about, great fun for a winters night.

cheers for now, Marcus

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