little cornish trees

little cornish trees

Web site work

Clubs, Shows and displayPosted by marcus watts Sat, December 17, 2011 10:00:13

This week has been spent making 3.5 ton of fishing bait in a pre christmas break production push !! and then giving my local bonsai club web site a face lift.

What began as thinking "i'll just start off putting the meeting dates up" smiley ended up with moving the whole site to the hosts I use for the bait and aquarium feed sites, then deciding to begin the site from scratch.

Over three evenings manic typing I think there is enough initial material to upload the site to the big bad world. In addition to the essential club information we've got a sales page ( more material and pots on route), a club blog to chart the day to day chatter and a seasonal guide to our tree species and how they behave in Cornwall - where it is mild - even now we have not dropped below +3 at night in the garden (sorry Peter smiley, not even a frost on the car yet !).

The flip side is it is wet, very wet - I have about 12 trees in the greenhouse to keep them dry

For anyone with short cuts to the old club site they won't work anymore.....

Clicking HERE will get you to the new site

info@cornwall-bonsai-society will get pictures, links, material for sale & blog posts to me

Cheers everyone, now the mammoth task of doing the species guides !

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