little cornish trees

little cornish trees


The real dealPosted by marcus watts Sat, April 21, 2012 13:24:57

hi Everyone,

just a quick post to let you know the blog is now moved to blogspot as the layouts are nicer.

NEW BLOG HERE - if you could update any links etc that would be great

Thanks Marcus

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finished the benches

The real dealPosted by marcus watts Mon, March 05, 2012 17:37:47

After a busy Febuary the display benches and garden decking are finally built, painted and the trees are out of the green house, garage, house etc.

In among building there has been repotting to do and so far this year it has gone in this order

Acer Kiyohime, trident shohin, satsuki azalea, bigger trident, larch, flowering cherry, birch. Soon to follow will be the hinoki, then the other acers followed by pines and junipers. Its funny how repotting goes - last year with moving house etc I only did one or two, this year there are several that have to be done and 3/4 of the collection needs doing. Then I'm going to take a leaf out of the Japanese books and let some of the older conifers go 10 years !, others needing a little vigour are going 5 years between repots. with the deciduous I'm looking to 3 years for the ones growing and 5 years for the ones refining.

Here is a quick video of the completed tree area

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Inspired by our surroundings

The real dealPosted by marcus watts Tue, December 06, 2011 21:56:08

Now and again I like to make a bonsai that isnt the normal tree in a pot - there is a never ending amount of inspiration to take from our surroundings, views, landscapes and even cityscapes.

There is a themed meeting next year at the Cornwall Bonsai Society with the topic of Cornish landscapes and trees, so I wanted to actually create a detailed little slice of the county, rahter than just an elm, blackthorn or hawthorn planted on a slate. Many of the traditional farms and boundaries are still slate dry stone walls - a twin skinned wall filled with soil. Over the years these walls get capped with various trees, shrubs and plants so you end up with a true mixed planting, offering seasonal texture and colour throughout the year.

Here is my bonsai cornish wall

The pot was made by Alexander Kennedy - Splatt Pottery, up on the Cornish Moors so it seemed the right pot for the planting.

The trees are a cotoneaster horizontalis cutting, some elm cuttings, a blackthorn root cutting, some cell grown box cuttings and a garden center flowering cherry. The wall was just a load of slate bits stuck together in layers.

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The forest on the hill

The real dealPosted by marcus watts Wed, November 23, 2011 07:46:39

I love this view - it is a perfect scene to tell me you are nearly home after a long journey. Because the trees are deciduous you get a changing image to go with the seasons too. Yesterday was a beautifull November morning so a quick trip up the road with the camera snapped the 'forest on the hill'.

Below is a photoshop virtual skillfully created by Robert Steven (author of vision of my soul, mission of transformation) that shows how the real forest would work well as a bonsai creation. He has even reduced the amount of field visible to show the efffect of the shallow pot. This has inspired me to plant a forest like this and i will use either acer palmatums, or tridents I think - both have nice soft growth and curving feminine outlines.

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